Advokatfirman Berg has been founded by well-established members of the Swedish Bar Association (‘attorneys’ or in Swedish ‘advokater’) who for many years had been specialising in the fields of law in which we operate. These attorneys had previously worked at law offices having both a business law and personal law focus. The underlying structure, organisation and competence of our law offices enables us to effectively deal with all the assignments entrusted to our attorneys.

Advokatfirman Berg is based in Gothenburg, but works with cases and matters throughout Sweden and is also regularly engaged by foreign clients.



’Advokat’(attorney) is a title protected by law, which may only be used by those lawyers who are members of the Swedish Bar Association (as opposed to the simple title of ‘lawyer’ (jurist)). Attorneys must comply with ethical rules, the most important of which are the attorney’s loyalty to their clients, professional secrecy, independence and freedom from conflicts of interest. Engaging an ‘attorney’ means that you have a representative who is obliged by law to follow rules designed to ensure the client may feel secure. Please contact us if you have any questions about what engaging an attorney means or if you need any advice.